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47921 Rimini Rn Italy   
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Roberto Grassilli

is an artist from Bologna, who began publishing his comic strips and cartoons in Italian magazines in 1982.

He has worked for Alter, Linus, Frigidaire, Tempi Supplementari, Consumatori, Cuore, PuntoCom, il Fatto Quotidiano, Banca EticaNavigareSicuri. As illustrator he’s worked for Milano Libri, Conde’ Nast, VociOff, Sperling & Kupfer, Cuore s.r.l, Inter Press Edizioni, Arcana Edizioni, Il Manifesto, Manutencoop, Kowalski, L’Arca Edizioni, Perdisa Editore, L’Arengo di Rimini, Edizioni Este, Bookrepublic, Banca Etica, Navigare Sicuri, NdA Press, Italica edizioni, Edizioni Smasher.

He founded the Showbiz agency with Steo Zacchi in 1988 to provide graphic services and merchandising Italian musical environment (main client: Zucchero Sugar Fornaciari).

In 1990, he headed for London, where he worked on Steven Spielberg’s “Amblimation” animation film. In 1991 he dropped all his other activities and became fulltime contributor to the satirical monthly Cuore. He has been responsible for the publications of Pan Distribuzioni (Marvel Italia). Grassilli has been active in the developing of commercial websites (Alitalia, Ras, Microsoft Italia ecc) . He has created the web comic To Be Or Net To Be .

In 1999 he founded, with Gianluca Neri, Clarence srl. For this insight is considered one of the pioneers of Italian internet. Through the years of the “net-economy“, he deals with marketing and graphic and deepens the ability to draw directly on digital tools available, no more paper and ink.

In 2004, he moved to Rimini to restart her work as an illustrator, graphic, illustrator, specializing in the direct drawing of the graphic tablet Wacom. Among the most recent activities: collaboration “Misfatto“, the satirical insert of daily Fatto Quotidiano, conception and realization of the graphics of the editorial series 40K online.







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